The Lessons

How to understand Spiritual Principles, Spiritual Activities, and Rising Emotions

Come take a journey through the unknown to the known presence of God Oneness. Decipher God's language and intent. The lessons, prayer practices, and soul explanations contained in this volume will take you on the ride of your life.

In one convenient text, more than two hundred topics assist you in the understanding, realization, and recognition of inner truth. Grasp the subtleties of rising, vibrating energies within an awakened consciousness-yours! The Lessons is for the truth-seeker inside you. As you read and study the Christ-Centered spiritual principles within, you will come to understand how they relate to this world and beyond.

This book was developed over a period of 14 years. It is the result of a voluntary, ongoing, committed student-teacher metaphysical-spiritual relationship.

The relationship began in a barn during a dead of winter at a retreat center and continued with periodic visits, phone calls, and the use of the Internet via email.

The Lessons were the written answers from the Spiritual Heart Center to the student's questions. The student kept and collected the lessons. As the student progressed, she found it was helpful to return and reference lessons periodically. As the student attained stages of enlightenment and began teaching, she was increasingly aware of the value The Lessons would have for Christian truth seekers.

Thus, what appears here are the Lessons and an occasional annotated story by the student written to flesh out a particular lesson's. The reader may attain a taste of how a student had worked with and/or struggled with a particular lesson, as she or he reads through the student's story.

The intent of this work is to present a definitive, concise Christian reference/work book to enhance and facilitate the understanding of spiritual principles. The goal for those on the path is the realization of a permanent abiding awareness of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.

"I think, with the Christ-Centered prayer, you invite the mystical Christ, as you conceive him, particularly from your reading of the gospels, to come close to your heart. And, slowly, there is the sensation of Closeness, a hint of the intimacy such as good friends have, the confidence of security with non-judgment.
It makes one want to do it again and again.. until the heart is the meeting place for you and the one whose love is perfect freedom."

The Right Reverend John S. Thornton, retired bishop of Idaho.

"The special thing about the book is that it is simple and so easy to understand. I also liked the introduction about how to read-which is important for understanding the matter and also give an idea as the teacher is sitting near the reader. The life is fast and humanity is under stress so this is the right time for having this kind of education which is healing."
Dr. Pratibha Mamgain, Associate Professor, Himalayan Institute Hospital, India.